29 Money-Making Strategies to Sell More of Your Products and Services

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The business owner places a small Oreo cookie size Bluetooth transmitter in their bricks and mortar location. The text message and the web link can be changed as often as the owner wants. Lead generation platforms enable easy access to myriads of data, providing insights on the latest happenings within the accounts in your sales pipeline. As a result, you increase your chances of acquiring a greater amount of satisfied customers as you work smarter, not harder.

Where to begin to know which triggers to track? Start by examining your existing customers: what changes occurred within those accounts before you inked a deal? Account-based marketing, or ABM, funnels are a hyper-effective way to market your business and increase sales.

Define your most important customer groups by title, industry, or any other narrow segment. Then make content for their specific decision making process. Where are they searching for answers to their problems? What would interest this particular group about your solution? Think of their specific challenges and how you play a part in solving them. At the end of your funnel, you should incorporate some personal outreach, an email or phone call does wonders for conversions. You should also consider using a sales routing tool like Badger Maps that helps outside salespeople and sales teams boost their sales and revenue.

The app focuses specifically on the type of salesperson who is visiting customers face-to-face — the field or outside salesperson. By doing a lot of busy work for them and optimizing their schedules, sales reps save time that they can use to get more customer meetings and sales. To do this, you must understand what data is important. Most companies have more data than they know what to do with. One tip is to utilize predictive analytics to narrow down the data variables that are relevant and predict who will purchase.

And then find better ways to collect and structure those data variables so you can continually improve how you prioritize leads and identify new prospects. At times, the best pricing structure to go with is also the least intuitive one to consider. For business of any size, one of the keys to increasing sales is to advertise, advertise, advertise!

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Set up a budget. Figure out what you want to say as well as how, when, and where you want to say it, and keep advertising for as long as you live. You might also want to contact some local advertising and PR agencies and talk about the costs and opportunities for these kinds of campaigns. In the beauty industry, you focus on providing high-quality service to keep clients coming back. As with Uber and Lyft, potential clients need to know if you are available now. So now you can pick up some out-of-region clients who happened to have dropped their year-old at baseball practice at pm and need a manicure, massage, etc.

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This is an incredibly powerful tool and every business should be taking advantage of it right now. In my opinion, I think Facebook LIVE helps business engage with their customers, get new customers and allows them to brand their business. Effective sales leadership is the key to boosting sales across your small business. A few ways to motivate your team to sell more include: 1 Hosting inside competition and contests. Rather than monetary KPIs i.

The psychology of making money.

Always have your team ask for referrals. When it comes to sales, I always believed that our skills can always be coupled with the right tools. A salesperson can only be successful in his field once they know what, where, and when to invest in. GoJEO is a tool that helps professionals with their businesses by getting more customers and making more sales while spending less time. Implementing a good customer relationship management program has been the most effective way to boost my clients sales numbers.

Across any industry, B2B or B2C, any demographic, finding a way to keep organized notes is a sure fire way to close more sales. Native ad and content discovery network like Outbrain, Taboola or Yahoo Gemini can offer inexpensive clicks. We can drive cheap traffic to content pieces related to a product category. Then, if the user spends X amount of time on that page, we know for sure they are interested in the product. We can then include them in a remarketing list and retarget them on Facebook or Google. Targeting this audience will increase our interaction rate and therefore increase in potential sales.

When we started Girls Gone Forex, we ran an online contest which we chose our first 15 students from applications of It caused excitement because they had to go through a selection process. What this did was cause our name to circulate before we actually opened for paying business. It has allowed us to build a following where we started and for a lot less money. We now have a model to use in other advertising venues. Have you tried any of these tips on how to increase sales?

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Learn more. Ask a Question. Here are 29 tips on how to increase sales revenue from the pros: 1. Clearly Define and Continually Refine Your Brand Mazdak Mohammadi, Owner, blueberrycloud In my experience as a small business marketing consultant, I always bet on brand refinement as the best and most efficient method to increase sales for small businesses operating for more than three years. Build a Landing Page That Optimizes Conversions Cassie Bottorff, Fit Small Business One of the best ways to capture leads and make more sales is with a targeted landing page that grabs the interest of site visitors.

Optimize Your Online Selling Opportunities Carmine Mastropierro, Owner, Mastrodigital Small business owners can increase their sales by taking advantage of an omni-channel approach.

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Learn how to win them over by emphasizing the benefits. People love to learn so classes on topics related to your products and services can be a big win. Brochures can be great sales tools.