Courting The Selkie: When The Mythical Meets The Real

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I felt for him from chapter one and at times I found myself wishing I could get into the book a give him a big hug. I'm really curious to know what's going to happen next. Sam is quite cute and I really hope he gets his redemption in the next book, because he doesn't deserve the treatment he gets from everyone because of what happened in book one. He's a good man and I really hope he gets is HEA eventually.

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I loved the intricate plot, with all of its twists that kept me turning page after page to know what was going to happen next, and I loved the way reality and magic were beautifully interwoven, making the whole story feel just real, as if this could happen in real life. Just like in the first book, I loved the great ability of the author to describe the setting, making me feel I was actually there, on Seal Island, smelling the scent of the ocean and tasting the salt on my lips.

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Kudos to the author! She did a great job and I look forward to reading Glenna's story - although I think Caitlin and Liam's will always be my favorite. Two of my favorite quotes from the book: "There is no magic stronger than true love. Love can't last unless it has strong foundation to grow from. And I believe the strongest foundation is real friendship.

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The characters from the first book, The Selkie Spell are present, together with some new ones. Myths and fairy tales come to life on the island and the residents must stand together against a formidable force. This is a beautiful story of love and friendship; where strangers bring magic, danger and truth to the island once again. I don't have the words to adequately de The second installment of the Seal Island Trilogy, The Selkie Enchantress is a stunningly beautiful Irish fairy tale.

I don't have the words to adequately describe how wonderfully this book is written. I could almost smell the scent of roses and taste the salt in the air while reading, and I felt like I was transported to a windswept Irish island. I have to admit that although I enjoy a good romance, I am not usually a fan of fairy tale-style romances; however there are 2 authors of this genre whose books I love.

Sophie is one of them. It is perhaps her writing that attracts me more than anything - there is just something about it Sophie's writing is poetic and it completely and utterly captivates me. The Selkie Enchantress is an absolute pleasure to read. The Selkie Enchantress took my breath away! I literally lost count of how many times I clutched my hand to my chest, awestruck by the gorgeous prose and astounding twists and turns that I didn't see coming.

Moss already won me over as a fan with her first installment in this series, but her sequel far exceeded my expectations.

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The writing in this novel is so lyrical and heartfelt that I actually felt as though I'd secretly experienced this story in the depths of my soul, and the author had s The Selkie Enchantress took my breath away! The writing in this novel is so lyrical and heartfelt that I actually felt as though I'd secretly experienced this story in the depths of my soul, and the author had somehow snuck into my dreams at night and transcribed the echoes of my heart onto her pages.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Ms. Moss becomes a phenomenon--her talent and depth appear boundless, and she only gets better and better with each book. I loved The Selkie Enchantress so much that I'm hoping it will come out in paperback one day so I can read each word again and again--then tuck it under my pillow at night so it will seep into my dreams.

This is a novel to cherish for many years to come Jul 07, A. Once again I was pulled under the Selkie spell. This series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the second book didn't disappoint or let me down. Characters from the first book played parts in this one which I liked. I enjoyed getting to visit them again and see how they are doing. The new legend that drove this book was a fantastic and I think Ms. Moss did an excellent job of creating a sympathetic villain. As the story progresse Once again I was pulled under the Selkie spell.

As the story progressed and more was revealed, I couldn't help but hope for some sort of good outcome for her. In fact, I'm still hoping for it. Maybe Nuala will find a happy ending in the third book. The bonds of love and friendship were strong in this and the ending left me wanting more.

Legends of the Selkies, Hidden Gems of Sea Mythology

The only issue I had with it was at near the end with Liam. I was a little confused as to what exactly happened there, but it wasn't enough to disrupt my enjoyment of the story. I loved the first book in this series and totally loved the second one just as much. Moss has created a world I'd love to be part of! If only I could visit that island and interact with those characters. Love the mix of Irish lore with fairy tales!

An enchanting read for sure. Can't wait for the next book to come out! For those who enjoy magic, romance and double doses of love, this book is for you! Oct 10, Sandra G. Harris rated it it was amazing. After reading the first book in this series, I had to continue. I dated this book a 5 because just like the first book, it totally drew me in and kept me interested and excited to see what was going to happen next! The author's descriptions of the ocean, mist, cliffs, shoreline made me feel that I was actually. A book with mystery, fantasy, magical happenings - who can resist all that??!!

Ireland has always drawn me with it's beautiful scenery, myths, fables and legends.

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  7. It's one countr Enchanting!!! It's one country I've always thought I'd love to visit. Am looking forward to reading the 3rd book in the series. Have already purchased it and will be starting it tonight. Good thing I took a nap today, because I think it's gonna be a long night of reading!! Feb 26, Sharon E rated it it was amazing. May 02, Lorna Schutz rated it it was amazing. Another wonderful story The Seal Island Trilogy is so well written and so spellbinding that I read through the first book and right into this one. The characters are family by now. On my way to Book 3. Jun 09, Frederick W.

    Well written! Intreging and adventurous at every turn. A wonderful fantasy filled with emotion and love. Intreging and adventurous at every twist and turn. Excellent read! Feb 12, Cherie Peterman rated it it was amazing. Great Good series just a little too racy at times. I prefer Christian Fiction which is what book hub said this was. A beautiful second story in the trilogy! The White Selkie story was very interesting and the entire fairy-like properties in the book only added to the story. Sophie Moss is an excellent writer! Oct 20, Jeffrey M. It made me want to google Irish Folklore.

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    I have had a wonderful vacation in Ireland as well as growing up in family stories. What more can I say. I need to escape to the Emerald Isle. Sep 30, Kathi Rutherford rated it it was amazing.

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    Another magical love story This island is full of magical mysteries! So many secrets and mystical creatures to disturb a family's destiny. A page turned for sure! Unknown to others, Cait and Liam had a romantic past but because Caitlin was too young, she made bad decisions which resulted to heartbreaks. After months of constant communication, Liam has decided to stay on the island for good. On his way back to Seal Island for their dinner date, he met Nuala, a mysterious woman who enchanted him. She made him forget about Caitlyn and his newly discovered legend that was hidden for so long. Sophie Moss just raised the trilogy to a higher level!