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I would be more than grateful if someone where able to guide me or compose a short tutorial type reply. Kind Regards, Mark. ASME II-D lists stress allowables for several types of material, based on a specific material form like forging, bar, plate, or pipe.

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This is due to the manufacturing process, heat treatment, and controlling thickness. Furthermore, allowables for a specific grade in a specific form may change over time search for topic on why this - I think I even hyperlinked on such thread. Second, since a new vessel is for new constrution, even though it's a copy from an old, I'd suggest you design it to the latest Code rules, thus lastest edt of ASME II-D. Thanks, makes sense! I'm just at a loss as to where the 3.

For instance for stainless it is 3.

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OK that's great but what do I do with that figure. So then there is the room temperature figure overleaf that is mpa at room temperature :. Where does all this tie in more importantly what should I be doing with this 3. Many Thanks. Note that in ASME the allowable stresses used for design must be taken from the tables, not calculated at will.

Also, the tabulated values are rounded for rationality; this is also described in the appendices, somewhere, I forget where. Brilliant, thanks Tom, that also makes sense. I've been over thinking the process.

Therefore I'm assuming the factor of safety is somewhat built into to the data that has been tabulated. Many Thanks! Rather, there is a collection of different margins against different criteria, and the one that results in the lowest allowable stress is the governing one.

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For example, there is a design margin of 1. And there are various factors once you get into the creep regime. Very helpful guys! I appreciate your input on this. Available in rooms Lewis Library and Lewis Library A lab teaching assistant schedule provides details. COS More specifically, you should have substantial programming experience using some high-level programming language such as Java.

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Prior experience with the C programming language is helpful but not essential. The book covers the C programming language and advanced C programming. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.


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