La Cuisine Végétalienne. Le Bon Goût De La Soupe-2. Délicieuse recettes. (French Edition)

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Pelez l'ail, l'oignon et la carotte. Coupez l'oignon en quarts et plantez un clou de girofle dans chaque. Ajoutez 1 litre d'eau. Dans une sauteuse, faites chauffer 2 cs d'huile d'olive. Bon, du coup vous m'en voudrez pas pour le manque total d'inspiration pour le texte de ce post, hein. Et paf! Keep a few slices of the squash for decorating the quiche and coarsely grate the remaining part no need to peel it, the skin is edible once cooked.

In a wide bowl, crumble the tofu. Add in the other ingredients of the filling creamer, milk, pesto, starch and the grated squash. Blend briefly with a hand blender or in a food processor. Merci, Djamila. I agree completely… even I frighten myself a bit because I saw so much of my own behavior in reading this post. I definitely fluctuate between the extremes— eating a cheeseburger one night and drinking tea and eating nothing but yogurt the next day.

Definitely not healthy and not good. Oh the influences of living in America!

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I agree with the comment above me — our culture is definitely missing moderation. One thing I will always be thankful for, is that I grew up where diets and weight were not mentioned, and where food was delicious food for your body and a fun thing to make and enjoy. I enjoy talking about things like running, yoga, etc. I am just so glad that you are writing about this! I was overweight as a child, not obese, but was definitely carrying around an extra 20 pounds. As you have said in other posts, Garance, we all have to figure out what works for us. I think it is important to enjoy food.


When you take the time to enjoy it, savor it, and eat thoughtfully, you are less likely to overeat. And I agree that our weight is on our mind including my own way too much. Much better to be thinking about how we can contribute to the world, or that painting or book we are working on, or about getting better at whatever it is we love doing. I just read that article on Saturday in the hair salon. I thought that it was good that the mom was honest and addressed the issue.

However, the problem seemed to stem from her. They seem to be eating to compensate for something else. Going on a diet will never solve that. I follow a very strict diet. I was not raised on a good diet, I was raised on meat, potatoes, hamburger and potato chip nights, meat taco nights, meat spaghetti nights, doritos and cookie dough and soda for snacks.

That is patently unhealthy. As a teenager I began to experiment with vegetarian and then vegan food. I was vegan for 8 years.

Glace coco-mangue (ou fruit de la passion), sans oeufs- Gelato cocco-mango

I am vegetarian mostly vegan now. I truly believe that mostly raw, mostly whole, mostly vegan foods are the healthiest way to eat. I am fortunate that I have never had a weight problem and have always been very thin. Do I eat cake? Once in a great while. Diet coke is nothing but chemicals.

Falafel ou falafels?

I think what I do is take excellent care of myself by putting only the most nutritious things in my body. Terrorific history! After posting I had a chance to read a few more comments and I love a few points that others have made:. Than you know what is in it. And food should be savored as delicious and a pleasure! As a child my family tried to force feed me and to make me finish whatever they servced. I was stubborn and refused to eat past when I was hungry.

They would leave me alone with my plate at the dinner table for hours. Finally they gave up, seeing that I would not give in and eat more. I am one of the only adults I know who stops eating when I am full. People always comment on the fact that I leave food. As this mom can apparently attest, dieting often merely causes weight yo-yo-ing.

Soupe épicée aux légumes & lentilles corail - recette végétalienne / vegan / végane

The daughter seems at the perfect age to learn life-long eating habits, so one hopes that they are good ones! I guess the little girl has to learn, as well as her mom, to have a healthy relationship with food. I obsessed about my weight for years, tried every diet going, and then one day I stopped. And then the weight fell off.

At an early age my mother called me fat.

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For the past 50 years I have thought about every piece of food that goes on my mouth. From the outside I look great but its the inside that sucks.

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You are right this is not normal. NINA vos mots sont tellement justes…des impressions, des sensations, vraies…. Surement trop vulgaire.. Eat fresh, buy it daily, eat only until full, if you want a sweet eat a proper sweet nothing fake, go for a walk and wear a smile. My skin is fantastic and my spirits are usually good.

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If we are sane advice early it sets us up for life. I am not quite sure what to think of that article, harm or good? I know my Mum would have been horrified. Love to you Garance! Garance, I think you make some really good points about Americans and our relationship with food. Food really does come up an abnormal amount in everyday conversations with friends, in self-deprecating comments or feelings of guilt, declarations of self-induced dieting, etc.

We are just used to it! How scary is that?! I have never put myself on a real diet, and like to think I enjoy good food and fairly healthy eating habits, not free from indulgences. After studying abroad in Italy for a year during college, it really dawned on me how different our cultures were in our relationship with food. I know Italy is now battling its own child obesity problems with the introduction of cheap, processed food, but the culture at heart still carries a natural mentality of enjoying good food and lots of carbs I might add as a part of life.

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Gelato is the stuff that makes you fat! But enjoyed in moderation, it just makes you happy. I literally did not weigh myself for an entire year, because there was no scale in our apartment! And amazing pizza. On the other hand, we have so many contradictory extremes in the United States, and they glare you in the face on all sides. Junky foods all around us, and a crazed, competitive and obsessive desire to be not only skinny but also immune from temptation.