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Holder Knabe in lockigem Haar,. Hirten erst kundgemacht;. Durch der Engel Halleluja. Christ, der Retter, ist da! Gottes Sohn, o wie lacht. Christ, in deiner Geburt! This is one of the most popular Christmas carols in America. It was written by Joseph Mohr, in , for the Christmas celebration in his church that year.

According to Mr. Pastor Mohr and Gruber had been friends for a long time. Gruber was the organist and choirmaster in the neighboring village of Arnsdorf, and they often visited each other, usually for the purpose of singing hymns and sometimes, when other singers could be brought in, the more difficult motets. Pastor Mohr, pondering the thought of a perfect Christmas song, was called on Christmas Eve to the hut of a woodchopper whose wife had just borne a child. Face to face with the mystery of life, Pastor Mohr, after performing appropriate offices for the family, returned through the snow-drifts to his house and almost automatically began to write since that was the most effective way he could think of to give expression to his mood and his sensibilities.

Later in the day Gruber came to Oberndorf with the notes sketched in. It was then not more than half an hour before the Christmas services were to begin; but Pastor Mohr quickly assembled his choir, Herr Gruber sang the tune, they followed, and by the time the congregation had filled the church, they were ready to give it to the world. In a memorial tablet was placed on the schoolhouse in Arnsdorf with this inscription:.

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Holy night! Who composed thee, hymn divine? Mohr it was who wrote each line,. Gruber found my tune sublime,—. Teacher together with priest. According to Julian it first appeared in C. Our copy, which is Edition A, , has a different translation. The music was composed by Franz Gruber, a teacher in the neighboring town of Arnsdorf.

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The hymn has been translated into many languages and is extensively used in all Christian lands. There are twelve English translations. Vaughan Williams.

It appeared in the English Hymnal, It is a powerful tune, one of the finest hymn tunes by a modern composer, and the congregation that has mastered it will sing it with an ever-deepening appreciation. Sondern dass er bekehre sich. Geht hin, predigt in allem Land. Dem sollen sie behalten sein. Und absolviert ihn durch sein Blut:. Zum Wort der Absolution. Lob sei dir, wahrer Gottessohn,.

Nikolaus Herman first published this hymn, in eleven stanzas, in his Die Sontags Euangelia, etc. Hymnbook, , 12 stanzas were given as three separate hymns: 1. Soldiers of Christ, arise, 2. But above all lay hold, 3. In fellowship alone. Our cento is found in several hymn books in England and America. The congregation that masters this tune possesses a treasure of which it will never grow weary. The melody was composed by L.

Lindeman especially for this hymn [Dahle, Library of Christians Hymns ]. Christopher Wordsworth published this hymn in his Holy Year, , with the heading:. Komm ans heile Licht gegangen,.

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Fange herrlich an zu prangen! Denn der Herr, voll Heil und Gnaden,. Will dich jetzt zu Gaste laden;. Der den Himmel kann verwalten,. Eile, wie Verlobte pflegen,. Der da mit dem Gnadenhammer. Klopft an deine Herzenskammer! Lass mich deiner nicht mehr missen! Zwar in Kaufung teurer Waren. Megt man sonst kein Geld zu sparen;. Deiner Huld kein Geld nicht haben,. Kein solch Kleinod ist zu finden. Und dies Manna kann bezahlen. Mich nach dieser Kost zu sehnen! Sieh durch Gott mit Gott vereine.

Beides Lachen und auch Zittern. Das Geheimnis dieser Speise. Und die unerforschte Weise. Ist auch wohl ein Menseh zu finden,. Nein, Vernunft, die muss hier weichen,. Kann dies Wunder nicht erreichen,. Dass dies Brot nie wird verzehret,.

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Und dass mit dem Saft der Reben. Uns wird Christi Blut gegeben. O der grossen Heimlichkeiten,. Die nur Gottes Geist kann deuten! Jesu, meines Lebens Sonne,.

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Jesu, du mein ganz Beginnen,. Lebensquell und Licht der Sinnen,. Dieser deiner Himmelsspeise. Mir zum Heil und dir zum Preise! Herr, es hat dein treues Lieben.