Norman Mailers Novels (Costerus: New Series, No. 20)

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For more information, consult the copyright section of the Regulations and Procedures of the David M. More copyright and citation information. The correspondence series is arranged chronologically and consists mostly of letters addressed to William Styron, but includes some written by him. Correspondents include family members, friends, teachers, publishers, and admirers of his work as well as other authors.

A bound volume of letters to and from Donald Harrington is housed in box C 14 at the end of the chronologically arranged letters. Box C contains restricted correspondence. Drafts, typescripts, proofs, editions, and fragments of Styron's published monographic works, including some with Styron's revisions.

Arranged chronologically by date of publication. Typescripts, manuscripts, and photocopies of Styron's contributions to books and periodicals are divided into the following sections: Short Stories, Essays and Articles, and Introductions and Contributions to the Works of Others. Within each section, the material is arranged chronologically by date of publication. Transcripts of speeches written and mostly presented by Styron at commencements, memorial services, conferences, and award ceremonies, and upon other occasions.

Arranged chronologically by date of presentation.

norman mailer s novels costerus new series no 20 Manual

Portions of 2 unfinished novels, unfinished works on Nicaragua and Carlos Fuentes, and an unfinished memoir about Styron's father. Arranged chronologically. Miscellaneous writings by Styron, including a diary, unpublished short stories, an outline for a motion picture, essays, and unidentified fragments and outtakes. Papers and theses by other authors on Styron's work, typescripts and photocopies of works sent to Styron by other authors, screenplays of works by Styron, and limited editons of poetry sent to Styron by other authors. Arranged alphabetically by name of author. The printed material series is divided into the following groups: Serials containing material by or pertaining to Styron arranged chronologically ; Volumes which belonged to Styron or which contain material by or about him arranged chronologically ; Clippings pertaining to Styron and his work some folders arranged chronologically and a few by topic ; and Miscellaneous Printed Material arranged chronologically.

The William Styron Oversize Box contains other material in this series. Stevenson p. Schneider p. Robb p. Hays p.

Hugh Moore p. Sokolov, p. Lewis and C. Vann Woodward, p. Rubin, Jr. Vann Woodward, moderator, p. Introduction by Nancy M.

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Tischler p. Mullen p. Brunaur p. Cannon p. Ratner p. Glasser's Days by Styron, p. Saradhi p. West III p. Uya p. Some Celebrated Authors describe Cobbs p.

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Casciato p. Casciato and James L. Keith H. Brodie, M. Kent Calder p. The Audiovisual Material series includes interviews, documentaries, and photographs.

The bulk of the video is Dr. Phalle in Russia, in-depth oral history interviews with Styron by Dr. Robert K. Morris in and by Dr. James L. West in , and a cassette audiobook of Sophie's Choice. Photographs include images of the Styron family, of Styron at ceremonies and speaking engagements, of the filming of "Sophie's Choice," and of Christchurch School. Scrapbooks assembled by Styron's father documenting his son's life and later literary career. Scrapbook 1 begins with childhood photographs, artwork, and an analysis of young Styron's handwriting.

The remainder of this volume and the 2 later volumes are filled primarily with reviews and publicity generated by Styron's first three novels, interspersed with occasional letters and photographs. Unprocessed addition Unprocessed addition 6 items,. Unprocessed accession 0. Also includes correspondence from his wife, Rose, around the time of his death in , and a copy of the New York Times obituary.

A portion of this accession remains on deposit.

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Included are original and digitally scanned manuscripts, drafts, essays, short stories, and speeches. This accession is included in Box 2 Acc. Proofs and galleys related to In the Clap Shack; manuscript fragments of The Way of the Warrior and a few essays; and a research and clippings file on Nat Turner. Clipped reviews and articles about Styron's novel some covering the backlash against it and the film adaptation, as well as correspondence, notes, and research documents.

Contains 20 letters, clippings, and a photograph, primarily Styron's letters, dated , to friend and fellow marine,Thomas P. Peyton, and to Peyton's family members.

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Includes a few letters written between Peyton family members regarding Styron. Also contains newspaper clippings and one black-and-white photograph of Styron in military uniform in Archive of letters and postcards collected by Edmond Miller between his first meeting with Styron 5 May and the publication of Selected Letters of William Styron 4 Dec. Also contains some published books and printed materials, and a copy of the German serialization of A Long and Happy Life.

The main body of the papers of William Styron was acquired from William Styron between and Small portions of the collection were donated by others or purchased between and All of Accession and parts of Accession remain on deposit. Accession is a gift of Linda McGrew. Accession is a gift of Joel Foreman.

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Accession is a gift of James L. West III. Updated by Alice Poffinberger to include interfiled correspondence from accession , July Updated by Laurin Penland to include accession , May and accession , April Menu Guide to the William Styron Papers, and undated. Guide to the William Styron Papers, and undated.

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Summary American author and Duke University alumnus. Correspondence Series, and undated. Correspondence with Donald Harrington bound , Restricted Correspondence. Writings by Styron Series, and undated. Separate Publications Subseries, Lie Down in Darkness ,, Versions of beginning chapters. Advance galleys, Page proof, Set This House on Fire , Spiral bound galleys. The Confessions of Nat Turner, Research file.