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Engines running.

Luckily both cat and pilot landed safely, leading to this fantastic video. Jordan Axani had a dream trip booked with his girlfriend, but unfortunately they called time on their relationship before they were due to set off. His solution?

Find another Canadian girl with the same name to take with him. The press coverage led to Marriott International providing them with rooms for the trip and gave Jordan a platform to start his charity, A Ticket Forward. Tired, drunk and wanting somewhere to keep warm, Brit Jordan Adams decided to cosy up in the luggage hold of a coach while waiting for a taxi in Munich.

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Unfortunately, he dozed off, only to awake several hours later over the Swiss border — his passport, phone and money back on the other side. Budget airlines like to catch you out with hidden fees wherever they can. His ingenious solution? At Rough Guides, we understand that experienced travellers want to get truly off-the-beaten-track.

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9 short stories from a bicycle journey

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There have been many reports of BEK over the years, but no one knows who they are or what they want. Witnesses have reported feeling a sense of death in their presence, or losing time, or other inexplicable phenomena. Generally, they experience the sensation that, being near the BEK, something terrible is about to happen. While, as I said, no one knows what the BEK are if not just an urban legend , that one caller in shared an unusual possibility: He claimed he had been taken by a group of black-eyed children and forced to travel through time.

Every time they force me to time travel, I lose a little bit of myself…I need to warn your listeners. Do not answer for these children with black eyes.

50 Weirdest Places Across The World

He claimed to have been sent to both the past and the future, hundreds of years either way, losing his sense of humanity with every trip. Perhaps, if real, the BEK did something comparable to the caller — they harvested his energies as they sent him back and forth through time. And there you have it, the strange missions of a handful of time travelers. What do you think?

9 short stories about a journey around the world by bicycle

Would you sign up to travel through time? Would you eat carrot soup if a random time traveler gave you some? Who knows — it might happen to you!

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The traveller is a hoax. I have two foolscap pages of patents that prove this, and if that guy had come from and he was in the agricultural paleo game, with emphasis on paleo — he should have known that detail. The guy who says time travel is a one way trip is also a hoax. Go to The Last Supper painting. The man pointing up is Nostradamus.

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