The Pros and Cons of Chicken Being.

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Chickens are a very good source of fertilizer.

Pros and Cons of Backyard Chickens

The excretory products released by the chickens can be used as fertilizer for plants. Chicken poops are now widely used as fertilizer everywhere. Raising backyard chickens prevents overuse of antibiotics while producing foods. Actually a lot of antibiotics are used in various poultry farms to increase productions. But in case of backyard chickens antibiotics are not used as a result the health benefits increases in the food products.

Remember chickens are very dirty. So if you are planning to raise chickens you will have to clean the coops regularly to prevent your hens from bacterial diseases.

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They make their coops very dirty within a very short time. Try to use straw or pine shavings for cushioning in their coops. But the straws and pine shavings should be replaced once in a month. Chicken creates a lot of dust that are very harmful for our lungs. Actually they scratch their body on wall and on the coop surface which results in creation of a dust which is very harmful for our body.

The Pros & Cons of Chicken Pens, and are They A Good Option for Your Flock? - Zacs Garden

The coop walls should be cleaned with vacuum cleaners in a regular interval. And also when cleaning you should wear gloves and mask to protect yourself. Of course I could add to it at any time, and probably will. Of course you do! Go ahead and sign up for e-mail notifications in the little box top right and if you found value in this post, would you mind terribly taking the three seconds it takes to share it with your friends?

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I agree with you. I have spend many hours watching the goats and the chickens. Some days it is good way to get away from the fighting or squabbling in the house.

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I loved reading your blog today. It was well written.

The Benefits of Free Range Chickens

I can definitely see a book in your future with your great writing skills. If I had read this blog post 32 years ago — well, I probably would have still owned chickens. But I was 32 years younger then. Could I do it now, thinking of trying to feed chickens when I have an attack of my bad back? Or lifting those grain sacks? Well, I would have had a less sedentary life.

Who can know? Great post; I pinned and tweeted it. Thank you, my friend Alana! I am lucky that I still have young ones around here with strong backs, too! Amy, this post is too much! I too, want to know more about the February Christmas Party!!! Haha I can definitely relate to feeling out of place at a party and then perking up when I get to talk about what I love which is fitness. Catherine, Well, you can come talk my ear off about fitness any time!

The older I get the more interested I get in fitness, too, since it tends to get harder and harder to stay fit. Thank you so much for stopping by! Very nice article. I do enjoy the babies and I posted the picture this past summer where one baby was all over the black lab and the lab was ok with it. I never get tired of the sound of the roosters. There are hundreds of roosters in Mexico so the only down time is between about 1 am and 3 am but after the first week, it only bothers you when they are not making a sound and you know they should be. Once big enough, my chickens sleep in the trees around the yard.

And yes, there is always something you can make with the eggs. Actually I always have a few hard boiled eggs and some pickled eggs in the refrigerator because they are so good in salads and snacks. I just wished we were zoned to allow us to raise chickens in Wisconsin as well. Thanks for the pros and cons! Read all 5 reviews Comments To make a comment simply sign up and become a member! Sort Comments Sort Comments By. We got our first two when my sweet teenage son went to the store for fresh chicken We now have a beautiful little flock of They are relaxing to me they are very simple to care for and the eggs are a bonus.

It's like having a bunch of beautiful pets with the bonus of breakfast and baking ingredients from a fresh known source. Funny how you mentioned getting the goats cows and so I can by luck have to we started with the chickens now in the spring we are going too pick up too goats hahahah glad I'm not the only one out there. Im having a hard time getting my hens to lay eggs. I get organic feed and them oster shell and they still don't lay. Then you want a cow and goats and turkeys and rabbits then you have a full running farm and will never go back to the city ever again.

Arron Dunn you said it once you start you can't stop I had 8 dropped too 6 for I did not want the too I got and now in the spring I'm all ready planning on 6 more!!! I completely with Aaron Dunn - once you start its hard to stop! I only have 4 hens which is the limit for my city but I have seen at least a dozen other breeds, besides what we have now, that I wish I had. I think one that is a negative and a positive which the article covered is the poo. Poo is great for fertilizing but if they free range in areas that you want to also me in ie - your back yard poo then is a problem.

We now pick it up the same time we do for the dogs.