Truth: Can You Handle It?

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To really grow, and become better at anything we do, but especially in our business, we need a five step approach -. When it comes to business, being open to being honest feedback about everything we do isn't just a luxury, it's absolutely essential. Its really that simple, yet if we are honest with ourselves do we really want this kind of advice or do we just want to hear the good stuff? Can we handle the truth? An interesting question, and there have certainly been many times when I didn't want it, but as I get older I do because I know that is the best way for me to become the best version of myself, to build the best business I possibly can and to achieve every goal I want.

Confessions Of A Junior Hockey Coach – The Truth, Can You Handle It

Be prepared to reach out for advice from people who are in a position to give it to us and whose opinion we value. Learn to ask for this feedback in a way that you can use it.

Be prepared to listen to the advice and feedback these people give. Where else in the organization are people withholding what they think and feel?

Truth in 111 seconds Can you handle it

What price are we paying for that? More importantly, people lose the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. Failure to establish and enrich relationships is what costs organizations in the long run.

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Rather than anonymous degree feedback , companies should be practicing face-to-face feedback, every work day of the year. Most people avoid difficult conversations because they are painful, awkward, and well, difficult. People need to learn how to provide effective feedback, and need to learn how to adjust their approach, depending on who their audience is. Executive suites are littered with the corpses of brilliant people who flamed out because they failed to recognize the importance of human connectivity, understanding colleagues and customers at a deeper level, which provides the foundation to have open, honest and at times difficult conversations.

Authentic and respectful conversations tackle reality, provoke learning, resolve tough challenges. They enrich, rather than devalue, relationships. The ultimate goal of effective feedback is to create a transparent, authentic performance-driven culture. Because of people like you, another world is possible. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us.

Truth is the North Star of a healthy life

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Can you handle the truth....?

Tuesday, August 02, Common Dreams. Richard Heinberg. So we hear that the biggest crisis facing America today is: Corruption Immigration Economic inequality Climate change Lack of respect for law enforcement Institutionalized racism Islamic terrorism The greed and recklessness of Wall Street banks Those damned far-right Republicans Those damned liberal Democrats Political polarization The list could easily be lengthened, but you get the drift.

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